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Browse the web without any worries using ExtremeProxy.us. You can unblock popular websites and services such as Facebook, Netflix, Myspace, Soundcloud and many more. We welcome you to browse 24/7 Our network provide this service for free with No Download Limits!

    Here is some useful proxy information:
  • Bypass Blocking. Some ISP's and Governments place blocks on certain sites in a specific niche or country to prevent their users accessing them. Parental control on some computers may not allow the use of social media at certain hours of the day, using our service will remove these blocks in most cases.
  • Surf anonymously. Internet users are getting more and more concerned about their privacy when surfing the internet, especially when their current location is displayed on websites taking advantage of GEO IP. Using ExtremeProxy.us will eliminate these as it will think you are situated where our servers are located.
  • Faster Browsing. Unlike other proxy sites ExtremeProxy.us, Unblocker.us and Pr0xy cache frequently viewed web pages on our server, this allows us to deliver them to you far quicker than any other site.

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